Cj Solutions inc.


Why We Started CJ Solutions

Back in 2008, the CJ Solutions’ team recognized that shipping customers often get pigeonholed at other logistics companies into established lanes and rate structures that leave them with no way to customize or negotiate. And if they try to go outside of those parameters, they end up paying an arm and a leg.
But with our team’s collective experience and know-how, we were confident that we could piece together logistics solutions unique to each of our customers; thinking outside the box – pun intended.
The “Customer First” perspective has worked for us throughout the years and we believe it’s where logistics will go in the future. This way of thinking serves as a grounding philosophy that guides our decision-making process throughout the shipping cycle. We stay focused on growing our relationships with companies we work with and their people. Let us win your trust through consistent performance.

Meet the CJ Solutions Group Team

Chris Joslyn is the founder and CEO of CJ Solutions Group. With 25 years of industry experience, he puts his expertise to work for both clients and vendors to develop and implement smart supply-chain solutions. Chris’ personal philosophy has always been “customer first.”

He explains, “Developing and maintaining quality business relationships is dependent on our highly skilled team’s ability to thoroughly understand the challenges faced by our partners and to produce cost-effective solutions that meet those challenges.”

Chris spent 18 years at The Hub Group. He now uses his team’s experience and CJS’s unique strategies to create mutually beneficial solutions for the many challenges facing our industry today.

Greg Hale is president of Hale Xpress, a subsidiary of CJ Solutions Group. Greg has 25 years of equipment-repositioning experience and is an authority on the subject. His expertise provides CJ Solutions Group with an indispensable pool of equipment year-round for freight customers. Greg’s know-how also provides equipment manufacturers a cost-effective method to deliver their equipment in a timely manner.



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