Cj Solutions inc.


  • Full TruckLoad

    • Shipping full truckloads via intermodal or over the road has been a staple of our services. Everything from 20’ ocean containers, to intermodal boxes, to OTR trailers, we have the lanes and the equipment to fulfill whatever you need— from one-time shipments to mass volume distribution.
    • Local, nationwide, worldwide customized service.
  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL)

    • Need to break down shipments to pallets? No problem. We have 50,000 sq ft of warehouse space that can easily handle any cross-doc project imaginable.
    • We manage and customize less-than-truckload shipments all over the country. Consolidate, break down, and palletize.
    • We even have strategic partnerships with secure cross-doc facilities throughout the country.
  • Over-the-Road

    • Need expedited service? CJ Solutions Group provides coast-to-coast over-the-road service via team or solo drivers. Leveraging our own equipment and driver resources along with alliance partners, we get your freight exactly where you need when you need it to be there.
  • Intermodal (Rail)

    • The backbone of logistics is intermodal. We have relationships throughout the intermodal community that allow us to mix and match lanes, helping our customers take advantage of intermodal rates for common routes or for more remote locations.
    • Through our partnerships, we are often able to provide OTR service at intermodal prices.
  • Equipment Repositioning program

    • Whether it’s new equipment or an existing pool of equipment, we can get it where you need it to go at a subsidized price. No need to pay for “empty” miles.
    • Win-win-win scenario. Equipment manufacturers get their trailers to their customers at a subsidized cost, freight shippers get their goods to their customers at competitive pricing, and we service multiple customers at the same time.
  • Special projects

    • Custom, specialized logistic services. If you have a unique requirement, we can help; the more challenging, the better.
    • You need to ship penguin food to Antarctica? We’ll find you a solution.
  • Drayage

    • Located strategically near the US / Mexico border in San Diego, we provide drayage services to and from the ports and railyards in Los Angeles.
    • We can help with cross-border operations and assist you in navigating the ever-changing requirements with US and Mexican customs.
  • international

    • With partnerships worldwide and throughout the supply-chain network, CJ Solutions Group’s services are global. Whether you have one-time or regular shipments, CJ Solutions can deliver your product anywhere in the world.


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